Yes You Can!!! Flexibility Technique Workshop

With Suzanne Hansen

June 8, Saturday 12:00 pm-2:30 pm
Members $35 – Non Members $40
(Limited to 15 Students)

** Pre Req: Forward fold, straight legs, touch floor/toes AND full bridge **
If you think flexibility is your nemesis and aren't sure how to safely and effectively reach postures
that are still just a twinkle in your eye, this class is for you! Flexibility is ONE of the key aspects in
intermediate/advanced yoga postures. The ability to expand your body’s range of motion takes a lot
of time and effort, but also intelligence to do it properly. This class is going to focus on teaching you
the technique of flexibility. By combining passive flexibility (holding flexible positions assisted by
floor, blocks, partner…etc.) and active flexibility (the ability to use your muscles to hold flexible
positions unassisted), we will cover a vast range of flexibility training methods and strength building
to help you discover your body’s custom flexibility regimen and goals relating to your yoga practice.
This will be an intense class, please be ready to be pushed past your comfort zone. (It will be fun so
bring your sense of humor too). While it is NEVER the goal to create injury through stretching, often
times there are mental and physical roadblocks you will need to push through to succeed.
Please come to class with lots of water and an understanding that flexibility success cannot be
achieved with occasional efforts. Consistent practice and home training are crucial in succeeding
and exceeding your goals. This class will be helpful if posture development is an important aspect of
your yoga practice.