I attended my first yoga class about 13 years ago, I felt a positive shift within me and was hooked. I took my first ‘hot’ yoga class about 5 years ago, and once again I was hooked. It has been a journey of mind and soul. Through my practice I have become acutely aware of my balances and imbalances and I am always working towards living in harmony with my body, in tuned with the vital importance of pranayama.
I believe that yoga is for every body and that everyone can reap the health benefits, which there are so many. Yoga has a way of being just what you need. I continue to deepen my knowledge and fuel my passion through workshops, literature, and most importantly through my practice. I am forever a willing student. I have been blessed to share my enthusiasm with other yogis, and be a part of a great yoga community.
Ali Valdez led the 200 hour teacher training that I attended in 2010. I feel lucky and honored to have her as one of my teachers. She gave me a comprehensive foundation from where my deeper yoga knowledge continues to grow from. I believe in living a healthy and happy life, and wish the same for others as well. ~Namaste~
“Yoga is the giver of untold happiness” BHAGAVAD GITA (400-300CE), INDIA.