Melain Blue grew up in a musical household and began working as a professional singer at a very young age. After starting her family, she shifted away from a performance based career in favor of a fitness focused lifestyle, where her love of music drew her into the world of dance fitness. Having no previous experience with dance, she began training in hip hop, jazz, salsa, and belly dance. Melain used barre classes to help her learn proper dance form and technique. Her growing passion for dance led the the creation of Rizzmic@ All American Dance Fitness. Melain’s format showcases all the most beloved dance styles in American history and is quickly gaining notoriety throughout the country. Her unique experience with dance gives her an ability to share what she has learned with other people that have no dance background but would like to be able to move with the fluidity and power of a trained dancer.

“There is an incredible confidence that comes from learning the art of dance-focused movement,” says Blue. “Whether or not you plan to dance, barre classes will help you take your fitness to a whole new level.”