New to Yoga?

Showing up is the hardest part! We will take care of the rest!

Starting something new can be intimidating, but beginners fit right in at Get Hot Yoga! In no time, our studio will feel like home to you too! Our instructors are available before and after class for questions and will suggest specific modifications to help you become acquainted with the postures and comfortable in your own practice. While you are welcome to start in any of our classes, most beginners find the Hatha class to be a good starting point to exploring yoga for the first time.
We suggest coming to the studio 15-30 minutes early to sign up for your first class and become acquainted with the studio.
We can not wait to meet you!


Depending on the class style, our studio room is heated anywhere from 75-105 degrees. We think you will find that our heat is a gentler heat then most hot studios to allow you to move and breath freely in class! Our studio doors open 30 minutes before class; we lock the doors during class if there is no receptionist in the lobby, so please give yourself enough time to arrive and settle in.
Please silence your phone upon entering the studio. We strive to create a peaceful environment where we can detach from electronics to ensure the best, peaceful and grounding experience possible.
You’ll be asked to leave your bags, phone, shoes and other personal items in the changing rooms or studio cubbies.
We ask that you observe silence in the yoga room so students can meditate and relax before class begins.
Most instructors bring their own mix of music to play that compliments the theme and style of class.


Wear comfortable, light exercise clothes that allow you to move freely.
Wear clothing that you’re comfortable sweating in.
Out of respect for your fellow classmates, we ask that you refrain from using heavy perfumes or cologne while in the studio space.


A water bottle and towel will ensure you’re hydrated and comfortable during class. You may rent or purchase a towel at the front desk if you forget yours at home.
A yoga mat is essential for each class. If you forget yours or don’t yet own one, you can rent or purchase one from us at the front desk.

There are countless benefits for those who incorporate hot yoga in their lives. We like to think of it as a ‘Work In’ as opposed to a ‘Work Out’. The reason being that someone who practices yoga consistently will notice the changes on the outside occur first, such as weight loss, muscle toning and even clear, radiant skin. Then as they become deeper into their practice, more subtle changes become apparent, such as the ability to focus and concentrate becomes easier, patience, reduction of stress, and best of all healthier organs! LITERALLY! Each posture in yoga is designed to work certain parts of the body ranging from the heart, intestines, metabolism, spine, knees… the list could go on for days.

Prepare for class!

Follow these tips for the ultimate experience:

Other benefits include:

Frequently asked Yoga Questions