*I have become the healthiest I have been since high school. I am 42 years old and my blood pressure is 95/60 (what is was in high school!!!) I have lost 50 pounds and continue to get healthy. I have a history of back problems and doing yoga has kept me from needing surgery. I used to struggle with asthma, requiring an inhaler-NOT ANYMORE! Yoga has taught me how to breath, lowered my inflammation and has made me so strong. I will do yoga for the rest of my life!!!

Stacie Kelly

*I wanted to say Happy Anniversary to you too! My mom and I were one of the first GHY clients when it opened and religiously went for 2 years until we both moved. I’m currently in Seattle and my mom moved back to Louisiana, where we are both from. I have tried a number of places in Seattle since moving into the city but none of them compare to GHY. I truly wish that GHY wasn’t an hour drive for me to attend or I would be there almost every day as I used to be. If you ever open another location in Seattle you can bet I will be thereā€¦.. hint, hint.

In short, GHY is a wonderful place to practice. The way in which you listen to your clientele is fantastic and always helps to make people feel welcome. Nicole and Celeste, you have made a wonderful place for people to grow their practice and get in tune with themselves. Not to mention, I lost 30lbs practicing at GHY!

Many warm wishes,

*After 15 years of dealing with back pain due initially to a car accident, but perpetuated by pregnancies and the subsequent lifting and carrying of infants and toddlers daily, I went through a number of ordeals to alleviate it. These included perscribed pain releivers and muscle relaxers, acupuncture and chiropractic care, the purchase of a new mattress, and breast-reduction surgery to no avail. What I hadn’t counted on was being completely healed in my first three sessions of hot yoga in one week. I was addicted not only to the practice, marked improvments in my strength, flexibility and balance, but the opportunity to focus on my breath for 90 minutes- How many of us make time for that otherwise? -Which helps acheive a mind-body balance. This is enough to attain balance in the other areas of our lives.

~Amy Croan

*I started classes here in the beginning of December. I am 60 years old, was on antidepressants, and seeing a chiropractor every two weeks for neck and spine adjustments. Now, in August, after attending classes two or three times a week, I am off antidepressants, haven’t been to the chiropractor since February and feel wonderful. My balance has improved tremendously as has my flexibility. It is so true that you are only as old as your spine is flexible. I highly recommend Hot Yoga classes at Maple Valley facility. The instructors are all great and encourage everyone at whatever level they are at. The facility is always clean and there’s always a smile to greet everyone coming in the door. Everyone works at their own pace so there is no need to “match” what others are doing. Get down there today and try out the classes – at $20 for 20 unlimited days, it’s a great deal. Your body will thank you over and over!