AdvoCare and GET HOT YOGA are partnering up to get you AMAZING results in ENERGY, WEIGHT LOSS, HEALTH and PERFORMANCE! YOU supply the DESIRE and BELIEF and we supply the eating programs(below step 1, step 2) , Ellite supplementation, nutritional coaching and the awesome art of HOT YOGA! Don’t forget to start your class with either the SPARK for CLEAN ENERGY or the REHYDRATE for HYDRATION available at the front desk!

Visit our AdvoCare store. We recommend starting with the 24 day challenge bundle and adding CATALYST as well!

What is the 24 Day Challenge?
The 24 Day Challenge is a revolutionary program to help individuals lean out and tone up. If your goal is to preserve lean muscle and burn body fat, this simple program is for you.
What we’ve repeatedly found, is that THE 24 DAY CHALLENGE helps a host of health issues, therefore making it the right fit for about 90% of people whom you start on products.. and it keeps our job very simple in terms of helping the MAJOR ISSUES people face. Please print off the instruction documents below.PLEASE Contact Kevin and Tori Schneider for any questions or concerns about AdvoCare and your complimentary personal guidance through the

More Information
Step 1 – Cleanse Instructions
Step 2 – Max Pack and Lean in 13 Instructions
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